Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finding An Upper Canada Land Petition Online

Click on the Index to Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865) to get the search screen:

In my search for "howard,"  this item (one of many) was found:

Name: Howard, Asa
Year: 1792
Volume: 448A
Bundle: S 1
Petition: 171
Microfilm: C-2806
Reference: RG 1 L3

I then looked to see if the images for Microfilm C-2806 were online.  They were.

After clicking on C-2806, the following screen allowed me to view each image on that microfilm number online.  A help file* was utilized to narrow down where to start looking for Bundle "S-1," Petition 171, which is where I would find Asa Howard's petition:

Title: Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865)
Microform: C-2806
Page Navigation:   <   420   >  Page  of 1313

*In the "Help for these Files" link, I scrolled down to C-2806 and found:
C-2806448S 151 to 1501793-1795
C-2806448AS 1151 to 1871793-1795
C-2806448AS 21 to 1221795-1797
C-2806449S 2123 to 2181795-1797
C-2806450S 31 to 21797

I was looking for Bundle S-1, Petition 171.  That item was found in the 2nd of five categories.

After a few educated guesses, the specific image(s) I needed started at #419 of 1313 images.

[Image] Page #420 below:

Included in this February 1792 petition for Canadian land were several residents of Tolland, Connecticut, including Bunyan Howard, Nathan Howard, Jonathan Howard, John Howard, Thomas Howard, Stephen Howard, Stephen Stimpson, David Kennedy, Wearam Willes and many others.

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