Thursday, April 26, 2012

Modern View Of Robert Randall's Lot No. 40

Lucrative Lot Number 40 in present day Ottawa, Canada:
From Robert Randall and the Le Breton Flats:

In 1820 Robert Randall found his property had been sold.... .  Henry J. Boulton, through legal machinations, got a judgment against Mr. Randall. "Of this judgment and the writs of fi fa [against Randall's lands] Randall knew nothing."  "It was evident that Boulton had not forgotten the application his father had made for Lot Number 40 ten years before, and that he intended to make it available for payment of his judgment."

Lot No. 40, worth to-day [1862] £40,000, and soon to be worth £100,000, sold for £449. Boulton got his fees, and the other £300 lay with the Sheriff", and his heirs ; Randall would have begged his bread rather than touch a penny of it. The property was wantonly sacrificed. Randall had refused an offer of several thousand pounds for the lot years before.

Another map of Robert Randall's prime property and his petition for leasing Lot 39 in the 1st Concession.

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