Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finding U.S. Warrant #15239 Online

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "L", Page 582
Recorded: July 10, 1855
U.S. Patent
U.S. Warrant Number 15239
for 40 acres
Issued in favor of Joseph Black, Sergeant in Captain Harris's Company, New York militia, War of 1812, turned into land..grants to L.C. Townsend

The U.S. Warrant Number (15239) found on Deed L-582 was inserted into a search at the BLM's General Land Office Records (in the "Miscellaneous" box), after "Michigan" was selected in the "Location" box.

The results of the search described above:

Land patent details:

An image of the patent signed by President Franklin Pierce can be seen online here.  The image could have also been found by performing a search using "Michigan," "Lapeer," "Townsend," and/or "Black."  Because the warrant number was already known to me and it was the warrant information I wanted to corroborate, that was the data I used for my search.

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