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Bought And Sold In Haralson County, GA

According to this map, John F. More's property in Tallapoosa, Georgia, was south of the "Old Creek - Cherokee Line."  Also see a 1899 railroad map of Haralson County, GA.

From Microsoft Streets & Trips - The pink dot approximates the property on the deed

Haralson County, Georgia, Deed
S-477 and S-478

On 18 September 1899, John F. More of Sanilac County, Michigan, bought property in Tallapoosa, Haralson County, Georgia.

The property, purchased for $1,600.00, was described as "being a portion of land lots Numbers 105 and 106 in the 8th District and 5th Section of said Haralson County, and described as follows -- commencing at a point in the center of gate between the "Allen House Place" and the "Davis Place" on the South Side of Buchanan Road in said land lot 106, as a starting point, thence Southeasterly sixty-six (66) feet, to the center of Well, thence Southeasterly one hundred nine (109) feet; thence due west one hundred seventeen and three fourths (117 3/4) feet; thence due south eighteen hundred seventy-four (1874) feet; thence due east three hundred seventy-seven (377) feet; thence due north five hundred thirty-one and one fouth (531 1/4) feet; thence east four hundred eight (408) feet; thence north six hundred eighty and three fourths (680 3/4) feet; thence west four hundred eight (408) feet; thence north eleven hundred seventy-two (1172) feet; to said Buchanan Road; thence in a south westerly direction along the south side of said road, to the point of beginning, containing twenty-five (25) acres, more or less... .

The property was sold on 15 February 1907, by Lorancy E., Kezzie and J. F. More, to J. T. Gibson (Deed Book 28, Page 18).

There's a suit describing the 8th District and 5th Section for Lot 306 [the above described lots were 105 and 106].

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