Friday, March 23, 2012

William Eppes And His Heirs' Military Land Warrant Situation

United States.  Congres. House. Committee on Claims.  Published in Washington, D.C., D. Green, 1833.  Series: [U.S.] 22nd Cong. 2d Sess., 1832-33.  House Rept., no. .

That the petitioners allege that their father William Eppes deceased was a captain in the army of the revolution during the whole of that war and that on the 1st of August 1783 he received from the land office of Virginia a military land warrant No 1475 for four thousand acres which he retained in his possession several years when it was lost or destroyed.

He certifies that no other warrant has issued from the land office of Virginia on account of the services of William Eppes except the original which has been lost and that no grant has issued on this warrant. The surveyor of the Virginia military district within the State of Ohio certifies that warrant No 1475 issued by the register of the land office of Virginia to Captain William Eppes for 4000 acres dated 1st August 1783 has never been filed in his office nor located in whole or in part in Ohio or Kentucky. The committee are of opinion that the petitioners are entitled to certificates of scrip...

The Kentucky Secretary of State's Office has the following copy of Warrant No. 1475 in its holdings:

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