Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heirs of John Caperton & Hamilton Stewart

Franklin Co., Tennessee, Deeds
8 March 1833
Adam L. Caperton, Mariah Caperton, Benjamin F. Gibson and Parmelia, his wife formerly Parmelia Caperton, James A. Caperton, John C. Caperton, Polly Caperton and Elinor Caperton, children and heirs of John Caperton, deceased, formerly of Franklin County, Tennessee
Drury and Abigail Rice, formerly Abigail Stewart, Anthony Stewart, John Stewart, Enoch Stewart, Evan Stewart, Nathaniel Stewart and Hamilton Stewart, children and heirs of Hamilton Stewart, late of Franklin County, Tennessee, of the other part

....whereas Hamilton Stewart the ancestor of the parties of the second part had an occupant claim to a certain tract or parcel of land lying withing Sinking Cove formerly Marion now Franklin County....140 acres... (bluff at foot of Cumberland Mountain?)...by survey bearing date of March 1822....conditional ...between Hamilton Stewart and Osman? Morgan...Hamilton Stewart agreed with John Caperton ancestor of parties of the first part that said Caperton should furnish ...warrant and procure a grant for same...In consideration of which Caperton to have one half of said land of Hamilton Stewart....Caperton did furnish the warrant...surveyed 28 September 1822 and after death of John Caperton a grant was issued to above named parties of the first part....Grant #18091 entered by virtue of Certificate #1497.

Signed:  A.L. Caperton, B.F. Gibson, J. G. Caperton, Permila Gibson, Ryan Caperton, Mariah Caperton

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