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John G. Palm in Allen Co., Ohio

Looked in the deed index in Allen County, Ohio for the surname Palm.  John Gottlieb Palm married his 2nd wife, Fannie (Palm) Palm on October 14, 1870, in Lima, Allen Co., Ohio.  Was Jim's great-grandfather the John G. Palm found in the deed records below? Still don't know.

The deeds are housed in the Allen County Courthouse:

Allen County, Ohio
301 N. Main St.  Room 204
Lima, Ohio  45801

Nothing in the indexes in Books 1, 2 and 3, but Book #4 had the following entries for John G. Palm:

Palm, J. G.  To Thomas Callaghan  7-604
Palm, J. G. From S. C. Palmer, Admin.  7-200
Palm, J. G. From Arthur Stotts  7-201
Palm, J. G. From William Myers  7-202
Palm, John G. From Henry Betz  8-492
Palm, John G. From Robb, Joshua & Thomas 8-493
Palm, John G. To Henry Beck  11-218
Palm, John G. To John Kemler  11-236
Palm, John G. To John D & Nancy McKibben  15-240

The deeds found in the Book 4 Index for J. G. (John) Palm are abstracted below:

Allen Co., OH, Deed
11 December 1858
S. C. Palmer, Admin.
Deed To
J. G. Palm

....Samuel C. Palmer, resident of Huron Co., and State of Ohio, as Administrator of William S. Rose, deceased....died intestate....decree made Huron County Court 26 October 1858....paid by John G. Palm of Lima, Allen Co., Ohio....
Lot #47  Roses addition....Lima....
Witnesses: R. S. Rust and W. or M. Bales
Signed: Samuel Palmer

Allen Co., OH, Deed
23 July 1858
Arthur Stotts & Nancy (his wife), of Allen Co.
John G. Palm, of Allen Co.
Lot #46...Roses Addition
Witnesses: William Armstrong & John Richards

Allen Co., OH, Deed
20 October 1860
William & Anna Myers of Allen Co.
John G. Palm
Lot #7
Witnesses: Thomas & J. B. Robb

Allen Co., OH, Deed
30 September 1863
John G. Palm & A. Mary Palm of Allen Co.
Thomas Callaghan
Lot #47, Lima, Allen Co., Ohio
Witnesses: Thomas M. Robb & Frederick Beher

Allen Co., OH, Deed
Made: 9 April 1864
Recorded: 28 May 1864
Henry Betz and Mary (his wife)
John G. Palmer
Part of Lot #7
References to Palm's lot in the property description and also mentioned quit claim
Witnesses: Charles M. Hughes & J. H. Meily

Allen Co., OH, Deed
Made: 30 May 1864
Recorded: 30 May 1864
Joshua Robb & T. Robb
John G. Palm
Thomas M. & Anna Robb and Joshua Robb, grantors
...part of S1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 30, Twp. 3 S R 7 E...Robb's addition

Allen Co., OH, Deed
1 January 1866
John G. Palm of the county and State of Ohio
Henry Beck
Lot #46
....Ann Marie Palm and John G. Palm....
Witnesses: Thomas Robb, N.P. & John Schenable

Allen Co., OH, Deed
13 November 1865
John G. Palm and Ann Marie Palm of the county of Allen
John Kemler
Lot #41

Allen Co., OH, Deed
12 July 1865
John D. McKibben (sic?) and Nancy McKilben
John G. Palm
Lot #20 and part of Lot #7

(Didn't look in Index Book #5 or the other more recent indexes.)

Jim's great-grandfather was John Gottlieb Palm, born in 1829 in Ebingen, Wurttemberg, Germany.  He primarily went by Gottlieb; he had a brother named John Gottfried Palm and a brother named John Lewis Palm.  His first wife was Mary Bartholt.  Mary (b. ca 1831) had a daughter, Mary, born about 1847 (who used the surname Palm), before she married J. Gottlieb Palm.  Mary & Gottlieb Palm's children together were Gottlieb, Lewis, Lillie, Charles, Emma, Ida Ottillie and Caroline Palm.

J. G. Palm who was living in Lima, Allen County, Ohio, in 1860 was a tobbaconist (sp) born in 1818 (age 42) in Pennsylvania. Also in the census with J. G. Palm was wife Mary, age 39, born in Wurtemburg, with children Mary, age 13, born in Ohio, G., male, age 10, S. or L., age 8, female, Sila, female, age 6, and A., female, age 2.  The age and birthplace do not correspond to what is known about Jim's ancestor, J. Gottlieb Palm, although the names/initials are close enough to warrant consideration.

 In 1850 it appeared as though J. Gottlieb Palm was living with his wife, Mary, and possibly his father, Jacob, in Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio, where the Palms concentrated after moving to the United States.  Mary's daughter Mary is not in the household.  The couple was listed as "married within the year" on the census; Mary Bartholt and Gottlieb Palm were married in December 1849.

There was also a Gottlieb Palm family living in Crawford Co., Ohio, in 1850.  Did they move from Circleville, or was this another Palm family, or.....?
1850 OH Crawford Co., Bucyrus
Gottlieb Palm, 23, molder, b. Germany
Mary    "   , 24, b. Germany
Mary   ",  2, f, b. OH

In 1880 Gottlieb Palm, age 50, is living with his brother as a widower and retired grocer (his obituary stated  he was a grocer/butcher).  Actually Gottlieb returned to Germany after his first wife died and married a cousin, Fannie Palm (Jim's great-grandmother) in 1870.  A marriage record between Gottlieb Palm and Fannie Palm was found in Allen County, Ohio (which is why I thought Jim's ancestor, Gottlieb, lived in Allen Co).  Was there another Gottlieb/Fanny marriage?  Hightly unlikely, but.... .  Most of their children were born in Germany from ca 1872 to 1881 (perhaps Gottlieb came back alone and that was why he was living with his brother as a widower (did someone forget that he remarried?).

If there was another J. G. Palm and family in Allen County in 1860, where were they in 1870, 1880, etc.?

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