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Acklin Heirs In Franklin Co., TN, Deed

 Christopher Acklin married Sarah Lee and died in 1853 in Franklin Co., Tennessee.  His property was the subject of the deed and conveyance below:
Franklin Co., Tennessee, Deeds
Book "11", Page 462
27 June 1882
Nathan Francis, Clerk
D.C. & C.? M.? Acklin and others
Circuit Court

Joseph M. Acklin filed his bill against E. P. Acklin and others, all heirs-at-law of Christopher Acklin, Sr., deceased, for sale and distribution of proceedings....commissioners had allotted to heirs of W. H. Acklin, deceased, one of the original heirs of Christopher Acklin, deceased...
Lot 2
Heirs of Christopher Acklin were divested in the heirs-at-law of said W. H. Acklin, deceased.

Circuit Court and Plats of Allotments
Book Numbers 16 and 17
Minute Book 17, pages 270, 271, 272...of Lot #2 in Minute Book 17, Page 271  Clerk N. Francis does convey unto C. A. Acklin, S.F. Bagwell*, formerly S. F. Acklin, J.O. Acklin, M.A. Acklin, E.P. McElreth**, formerly Acklin, S.P. Acklin and E.J. Acklin***, heirs-at-law of said W. H. Acklin, Deceased.

43 acres, 2 rods and 18 poles

*Sarah F. Acklin married Charles Bagwell
Groom's Name:     Charles N. Bagwell
Bride's Name:     Sarah F. Achlin
Marriage Date:     24 Dec 1872
Marriage Place:     , Carroll, Georgia

March 23rd, 1882
**Mrs. McElreath of Cordele is in the city this week as the
guest of her mother, Mrs. M. A. Acklin and brother, Deputy
Sheriff John F. Acklin. [Macon Telegraph, 1904-6-4, page 2]

Groom's Name:     W. B. Marchman
Bride's Name:     E. J. Acklin
Marriage Date:     25 Dec 1888
Marriage Place:     , Carroll, Georgia

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