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Joseph Acklin Of Madison County, Mississippi Territory

 What I particularly like about this deed is the reference to Madison County, Mississippi Territory or it is now known as Madison County, Alabama!

Franklin County, Tennessee
Deed Book "F&K", Page "166"
29 January 1814
Joseph Acklin of Madison County, Mississippi Territory [The Joseph Acklin I have linked is the only one old enough to be a party in this deed]
John Farris of Franklin Co., Tennesee
Boiling Fork of Elk River

The most important natural resource of the early town has sadly been forgotten since it was engulfed by Tims Ford Lake.  This was the Boiling Fork of Elk River. This energetic little stream bubbled up in Hawkins Cove and flowed toward Winchester, gathering fullness from other streams and turning the water wheels at Martin's, Decherd's, Handly's and Oehmig's mills and racing beneath the bluff of its own creation.  As it flowed toward Little Red Mill and Winchester Springs, it furnished sites for bottling plants and bottle-making plants, and for the tanneries of Madison Porter and William Buchanan.  Sometimes in a very rainy season it would wash over the bridges that spanned it, threatening their very existence.

302 1/2 acres

....Mumford's line....Absalom Tatum*....
Witnesses: Hezakiah Farris** and George Farris
**This one who was an early settler of Farris Chapel, Texas?

*Tennessee's Second Surveyor's District
1205 ROSS, David 270 Fra waters of Boiling Fk of Elk R S1 R8 06 Oct 1808 CC Jno L Keith, Danl McCollester. AT Absolom Tatum, Jas Keith, Bennet Barrows.

1000 TATUM, Howell 44 Mau On Congressional line run by Bright ______ 30 Jul 1808 CC David Lour, Evan Lour.
1000 TATUM, Howell 77 Mau on Waters of some Brs of Elk R ______ 30 Jul 1808 CC Henry Edwards, Evan Lour. AT__Tatum. " Tatums corner". ~~~~~ On Reservation Line.
1175 TATUM, Howell 88 Mau ______ FS R1 31 Jul 1808 CC David & Evan Lour. "on the suppossed Reservation Line"

A letter to Col. Return J. Meigs dated 7 May 1814 regarding thieves who were bothering Franklin Co., TN, and living in Indian territory is signed by John Ferris, Hezekiah Farris as well as A.J. Acklin (Achlen).

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