Friday, January 7, 2011

Detroit In A 1753 Map

The author of Map maker & Indian traders indicated that he"...became interested in A&. finding the maps which first showed references to the presence of bituminous coal in various states, and the one which did this for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and possibly Kentucky was found to be the so-called "Trader's Map" in the Library of Congress. The maker of this map is shown to have been John Patten, as certainly as it can be shown without finding a signed copy of the map."

Part of the author's detective work to prove that Patten made the "Trader's Map" compared spelling in Pattin's writings and spelling in the "so-called" Trader's Map:

Part of a 1753 "Patten" map that shows Detroit north of Lake St. Clair, rather than in its proper position which is south of Lake St. Clair.  That's one of the identifying aspects that the author of Map Maker & Indian Traders found in favor of it being Patten's map.

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