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William H. & Marie Morgan's Deed In Genesee County

 Originally I thought that the property below belonged to my great-aunt and great-uncle, William Alonzo & Marie Morgan who lived at 1110 Huron Street, Flint, Michigan in 1930.  However, when examining the deed more closely, I realized that it belonged to William H. Morgan, not William A. Morgan.  There was a William H. Morgan, age 64 (born in Kentucky) living in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan, at 1025 Chevrolet Avenue in 1930, and now it's believed that he was the person in the deed below.

Genesee Co., MI, Deeds

6 Aug 1928
Martha Lemme of Flint
William  H. & Marie Morgan of Flint
Lot 320 Eastern addition to Homedale....
Subject to ....12 December 1924....

Made: 1 June 1929
Recorded: 13 Sept 1929
William H. Morgan, husband of second party, of Flint
Quit Claim To
Marie Morgan, wife of first party
Lot 320 of Eastern Addition to Homedale..part of City of Flint
Deed ...subject to an executory land contract for the sale of said premises dated 12 December 1924, the terms of which second party assumes and agrees to fulfill.
Witnesses: Florence Whitsilt, Notary Public & Effie Holcomb

The Eastern Addition to Homedale Subdivision was located here on the Michigan Subdivision Plats Map (in Section 5 Township 7 North, Range 7 East - Burton (formerly BurtonTwp.), Genesee County, per the card file), although I did not find Lot 320 on the map.

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