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John Trousdale's Property - Blooming Grove Creek

DEED BOOK A, Page 489
In consideration of the sum of Ten pounds for every hundred acres paid into our Treasury by Haydon Wells, we grant to him a tract of land containing six hundred and forty acres in Tennessee County, on the North side of Cumberland River on Blooming Grove Creek, beginning at John Trousdale's east boundary, Preemption Warrant No. 809, and the grant dated June 27th 1793.
John Bell
William Crutcher

What I noted was as a source was:Abby Simmons
Tennessee County - North Carolina Early Deeds
Vol. 267

Source: Willis, Laura, Tenn. County, N.C., early deeds Simmons Historical, 1997-1998. 

 From Historical Melungeons:

"TENN CO NC - EARLY DEEDS VOL 1, 1784-1793, PAGE 50
Deed Book A, pg 140
Deed to John Trousdale, assignee of John Gibson
To John Gibson, a private in the Continental Line, we give to John Trousdale, assignee of John Gibson, a tract of land containing 640 acres on Main Blooming Grove Creek on the north side of the Cumberland River in Tennessee County. Military Warrant No 2104, and signed 16th November 1790.

 According to the Trousdale Genealogy:

 John Trousdale, Jr. never settled on the Tennessee grant.  Apparently this was taken over by his several sons, Alexander* having moved to Montgomery Co. before his father's death and was followed later by William and John 3d.  *My ancestor

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