Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adam Wirth's New Detroit Property In 1848

From Wayne Co., Michigan, Land Records:

Wayne County, Michigan, Deeds
Volume 36, Page 298
Made: 4 August 1848
Recorded: 6 September 1849
Anthony* & Almisa Pulte of Detroit
Adam Wirth of Detroit
Lot 67 south of Croghan Street on the Mullet Farm in Detroit.
Witnesses: Lorenz Gabler & John Reno
Reg.: Charles V. Selkrig
[Anthony Pulte, grocer, & Lorenz Gabler, sadler, were living in the same household in the 1850 census].

Adam Wirth was my grandkids' great-great-great-great-great grandfather.  Adam and his family were found here in the 1850 census.

 *An "A. Pulte" was Secretary of the St. Aloysius German Young Men's Society per the Michigan state gazetteer... :

Adam Wirth was treasurer of the St. Alphonsus Beneficial Society according to the gazetteer:

Mullet farm was described here as being near the present day Eastern Market when the Detroit Water Department built a reservoir there.

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