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Dower Property of Mary Ann (Derrick) Acklin Coyle

The dower estate of Mary Ann (Derrick) Acklin Coyle (1816 - ca 1849) in Madison Co., Alabama (on the Flint River), as described in the Edward Acklin estate papers (Probate File #205):

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Source: Madison County, Alabama, Records Center
Probate File #205
Edward Acklin, deceased

Sections 12 & 13 on Township No. 3 of Range No. 1 East, Parts (A) (B) & (C) & (D) in the an exed shaded diagram represents the dower estate of the present Mary Ann Coyle, late wife and widow of Edward Acklin, Dec'd

Said Parts A. B. C. & D. contain, the the aggregate 158.00 acres-, said 158.00 acres, includes her dower estate in all the lands mentioned in the annexed writ, Dec'r 10, 1846.

Elijah Hansborough, C. S.

Partial view of land formerly belonging to Mary Ann (Derrick) Acklin Coyle taken from the Madison Co., AL, Tax Maps, 1902 - 1915, Sec. 12, T3 SR1E. Sec. 13 T3 SR1E can be found here.

Modern map from MCRC Township; yellow depicts an approximation of Mary Ann Acklin Coyle's property.

In 1850, James Coile, age 4, living among Jane Acklin, age 24, Elizabeth Acklin, age 17, Edward Acklin, age 13 and Ellen Acklin, age 10, in Madison Co., Alabama; the Acklins are living with W. Allen, age 28, a dentist born in SC and his wife, Martha Allen, age 24, born in Alabama.

There's an Acklin/Derrick Cemetery on the above-described property.

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