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Deed From John Hunt Witnessed by Samuel Acklin

Samuel Black Acklin (1767 - 1826), who witnessed this deed, married Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of John Hunt, for whom Huntsville was named. John Hunt was also considered the founder of Claiborne County, Tennessee, as well, according to this source.

Deed Book 1, Page 381
Indenture made this 10th day of October 1805, between John Hunt, Sr., of Claiborne county, and Harman Wynn of the same county, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars to him in hand paid, for a tract of land lying on the heads of Barron and Bald Creeks, being part of the tract patented to Stockley Donelson and James King, beginning at a line run for Donelson Austin's corner, and containing two hundred and twenty-five acres.
Samuel Acklin
Joseph Campbell

Deed was registered this 29th day of April 1807.

Ezekiel Craft, Register

This source had the following to say about Stockley Donelson:

Other activities which portrayed how employees of the state could use the laws to their advantage can be seen in the disposition of the 200,000-acre tract granted to Henderson and his Transylvania Company. This tract, located in present Claibourne County, was laid out by Stockley Donelson. Apparently Donelson constructed the grant to his own advantage. The lines bounding the property were erratic and carefully skirted some desirable lands in the region. These lands were probably acquired by Donelson or his friends.

Donelson, Stockley (1752-1805)

Born in Halifax County, Virginia, in 1752; son of Colonel John and Rachel (Stockley) Donelson. ...appointed by Governor Blount as lieutenant-colonel commandant of Territorial militia, 1790. Married in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, on April 17, 1797, to Mrs. Elizabeth (Glasgow) Martin, daughter of James Glasgow; no children. He later lived in Knox County, and spend his few years in Davidson County, where he died in September 1805. of Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States. Source

Another less than stellar sourcing job by yours truly.... Many times a brief description is noted so the source can be reconstructed through library catalogs (Allen County, Library of Michigan, etc.). This often works well, but in this case did not.

What I noted was:
Abby Simmons
Clairborne Co., TN, Deeds
Vol. 221a

My best guess until the book itself is consulted again in order to verify or refute this assertion, is that the above excerpt came from Willis, Laura and Betty Sellers. Claiborne County, Tenn. Deeds. Melber, KY: Simmons Historical, 1997-1998. Three volumes. v. 1. 1802-1806 -- v. 2. 1806-1810 -- v. 3. 1803-1808.

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