Monday, July 26, 2010

Fowlers In The Onondaga Grantor Index

After finding an Onondaga Co., NY, deed between Elijah and Elizabeth Richmond and Moses Fowler, there was hope that a search of the Onongada Co. Grantor Index for Fowlers would produce a deed showing that Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond inherited the property from her father (perhaps Thomas Fowler)and then granted the same to Moses Fowler (perhaps her brother).

The Onondaga Co., NY, "F" Grantor Index (1794 - 1870) did not include Thomas Fowler, so my hopes were dashed regarding the supposition above. The earliest "Fowler" grantor deed listed was 1795, although there was a Will dated 1792 listed in the index. Some of the Fowler grantors included:

1818 Maria & Theodosius* Fowler to W. Henderson 1CR-68
1795 " " 2 or 3CR(CF?)-16
" " J. Lawrence 2CR/CF-54
" " N. Fish 2CF/CJ-101
1792 (Will) " " " 2CF-121
1800 Abraham & Ann Fowler & M. Fowler To J. Fish, et al E-95
1806 " by attorney M. Wilkus? et al 3-470
1807 Rachel Fowler C. M. Wheeler F-149
1816 Moses Fowler A. Beardsley S-92 (Onon 168)
1819 Moses Fowler J. Belote V-489 (might not be "8")
1822 Horace, John, Levi, Eliphalet Justus Fowler, heirs of 99-398
1824 Luther & Mercy Fowler S. Wright DD-600
1826 Mary/William Fowler C. Reed GG-355
1826 Betsey & Ebenezer Fowler E. B. Dykman GG-550
1828 Shubal & Sarah Fowler F. Hamilton MM-42
1829 Betsey/Moses Fowler A. Norton PP-417
1831 Emily A. & Joseph Fowler D. Kellogg SS-371
1831 Betsey/Moses Fowler A. Norton SS-388
1832 Rodney & Sally Fowler N. Parker XX-309
1832 Betsey S. & Ebenezer Fowler J. Marlatt XX-276
1832 " & Rodney et all J. Hall XX-451
1833 Abel, Lydia Fowler, et al E. Kinyon ZZ-39 (or YY?)
1835 Benj & Abby Fowler M. Fowler 57-305 (Onon 168)
1848 Jane & Silas Fowler to _ Fowler 96-61
1851 Betsey, Moses & Maxwell Fowler L. Hyde 102-222 (Onon 168)
1865 Joseph A., Mary, Maxwell, Moses Fowler, Jr. H. Budlong 156-166
1870 Arthur, Jane, David, John, Nancy, Silas, wid of Fowler 179-462

*Theodosius Fowler was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati; was it this Theodosius Fowler? Also found here and here. His father was Jonathan Fowler. He was affiliated in a transaction with John Jacob Astor. A manuscript diary was kept by Capt. Theodosius Fowler regarding the Sullivan expedition.

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