Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Russell A. Alger's Deed To A Church In 1860

From a book of Early land transfers, Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan/Michigan WPA, shelved at the Library of Michigan:

Wayne Co., MI, Deeds
2 June 1860
Russell A. Alger, of Cleveland, Ohio
Quit Claim To
Tabernacle Baptist Church of Detroit*, by Trustees
Lot 10, Block 38 in Western Addition to Detroit being party of Cass Farm.
Witnesses: John S. Bulkley and E. P. Rankin
Registered: 7 September 1860

*In the 1856 City of Detroit Directory

E.P. Rankin was also found in another deed that illustrates a page of the book of Early land transfers... .

Russell A. Alger was a Governor and a Senator for Michigan. He was also a Union General in the Civil War and a Secretary of Defense during the Spanish-American War. At one time Alger was considered as a potential Presidential candidate. His wife, Annette (Henry) Alger, was my grandkids' 1st cousin 5 x removed through a Squier ancestor.

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