Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finding Elijah (But Not Edward) In The Onondaga Deeds Index

Apple at Apple's Tree has been documenting Onondaga County, New York, deeds. She sparked my interest to search for deeds involving my Richmond family in that county.

Did Edward Richmond live in Onondaga County, NY? Did he die there or Steuben County or elsewhere? I don't know. After viewing the microfilm*, I did not find Edward Richmond as a grantor. So much for the bad news. My search in Onondaga would not be complete without checking the Grantee Index. Onondaga County was formed in 1794 from Herkimer and Tioga; a check of their indexes for Richmonds is in order. (Herkimer & Tioga were formed from Montgomery Co., NY, in 1791; that would be the next place to look, and if that fails, try Albany Co.).

The great news is that I found an 1816 deed between Elijah & Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond (Grantors) and M. Fowler. Perhaps this deed will lead to the identity of Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond's parents and/or siblings. A little more bad news - it was the one entry on the whole page where the page number was faint and didn't copy completely. The whole page and that was the only one that I can't read!! It's definitely Volume/Liber "S;" the page number is two digits and the second digit is "4". Now I need a copy of Deed S-_4.

Elijah Richmond's relationship to Edward is still undetermined (son? grandson? none?); the comprehensive book about the Richmond family was flawed in respect to Elijah (my own database at Rootsweb reflects the ambiguity of Elijah's place in the Richmond family - and it's flawed, too).

Edward Richmond may have died in Steuben Co., NY, circa 1856; I know Elijah lived there, too. A search of Steuben County is in my future!

*Onondaga Co., NY, Deed Records Index for 1794 - 1870 v. 6 Q-S (Grantors) Film #869160

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