Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Throop & Lord Deed In Genesee Co., MI

What caught my eye with this deed was their respective out of state residences:

Genesee Co., MI, Deed
23 April 1852
Origin & Mary Throop of Schoharie, Schoharie, NY [1850 census]
William G. Lord of Newark, NJ [ 1850 census]

Origin & Mary Throop were married in 1847:
Throop, Origen D. & Michaels, Mary Lawyer, both of Schoharie
In Schoharie on 1st inst. by Rev. Lintner. She was daughter of Wm. G. Michaels of Schoharie. Albany Argus, November 14, 1847

Origin Throop was a Hyde descendant found here in the Hyde genealogy.

The Schenectady Gazette, published February 2, 1951, featured an article that mentioned Origin Throop. Jabez Throop owned a piece of property (where he established a drug store in 1800) that was sold to a non-family member after a century and a half. Jabez was succeeded in business by his son, Origin Throop, in 1843.

The Throop Drugstore is now a museum.

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