Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Find A Deed in New Castle Co., Delaware

The New Castle (Delaware) County Recorder of Deeds has an "Archive" Search. The deeds covered in the Archive section are dated from 1956 - 1969 in a "MISC INDEX." There was no registration necessary, so it's a good site to practice finding deeds online.

When the "Archive" Search Tab is selected, the index search is first. Select the date range (1956-1957 was chosen), then Name Index; I chose 1(Pg Last A-D First MC-A). From the image that popped up, a surname beginning with "C", then a first name beginning with "H" should be found on page 131.

In order to locate Page 131, click on the "INDEX PAGES" and go to 83(Pg 131) and click. A deed was chosen; in this case it was "Craig, Harry L. & wife," who were the Grantors on Deed G-58-598 (Book/Volume/Page).

Dropping down to the Book Page Search, search for G58 in "Book" column; click on G58, then search for Page 598 in the "Page" column. Click on 598 and the "Harry Craig" document will pop up.

No documents were purchased, so there was no cost involved.

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