Monday, February 1, 2010

Kentucky Tax Records

Reading Linda McCauley's blog about researching Kentucky records in order to pin down her William Taylor, I thought about revisiting* the Kentucky Secretary of State's records online. Follow this link for an article by Kandie Adkinson concerning tax records (a resource Linda mentioned in her blog) and relevant Kentucky legislation.

Ms. Adkinson's introduction to her article stated:

When I first started doing genealogical research in the late 1970's, I heard the experts mention the value of tax lists. I pulled out a roll of microfilm to see how the lists could help me. Admittedly, I was confused and bewildered. What did those columns mean? Why were they so valuable? It certainly was beyond my comprehension. I rewound the microfilm and placed it back in the drawer; I was content to "dodge" tax lists and concentrate on census, county and family records.
Ms. Adkinson then explained why she eventually turned to tax records as a genealogical source.

*The Kentucky Secretary of State's site was used while researching Christopher Acklin's property for this blog which also included a treasury warrant.


Linda McCauley said...

Cathy, Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm still new at this but am finding it's a friendly community. The KY SOS Land Office site you linked is a great resource since they have actual images of Land Patents & Virginia Rev War Warrants as well as other land records.

PalmsRV said...


You're welcome. I thought it was a good example of someone painstakingly putting the little pieces of evidence together.