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Adrain Property Sale In Steubenville, Ohio

Property of Joseph Adrain, deceased, in Jefferson Co., Ohio, sold by the Sheriff on the steps of the Courthouse in Steubenville, Ohio, on 12 May 1865, to Stephen Tipton and his brother Ephraim Tipton.

Jefferson Co., OH, Deeds
Liber "M2", Page 387

George McCullough, Sheriff to Stephen and Ephraim Tipton

To all to whom these presents shall come, I, George McCullough, sheriff of Jefferson County, Ohio, send greetings Be it remembered that as a term of the Court of Common Pleas of Jefferson County, Ohio began and held at the court house in the city of Steubenville in said county on the six day of March AD 1865 in the action of George W. Stringer, plaintiffs, against Jacob Adrain, executor of Joseph Adrain, deceased and other defendants: it was by said court as appears by the records those among other things ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said Jacob Adrain executor of Joseph Adrain, deceased within three days from the __ pay to the said plaintiff the amount of his judgment against said Jacob Adrain, executor.... rendered at the March term AD 1865 of said court for the sum of 1905? with interest thereon at 7 percent and the costs of said proceedings and in...thereof that an order...to the Sheriff of Jefferson County commanding him to cause to be appraised and sold pursuant to the statute regulating judgments...the following described real estate, to wit:.. lying and being in the county of Jefferson, in the State of Ohio and bounded and described as follows being part of the NW? 1/4 of Section 24 Township Nine (9), Range Three (3) of the lands subject to sale...this beginning for the same at the Northwest Corner of the mentioned Section and running East one hundred and sixty-four...to the middle of the North? Line? of said Section thence South Ninety-Seven ....West? one hundred and sixty-four...to intersect the west? boundary of said section thence with the Section line? ..and fourteen links to the place at the beginning containing One Hundred acres be the same more or less and afterwards. To wit: On the twenty-eighth day of March 1865 the said plaintiff sued ...of said Court of Common Pleas default having been made in the payment of said Judgment order of sale on said Judgment and decree directed to the Sheriff of said Jefferson County who...and by...of said order of sale did on the 10th day of April A.D. 1865 proceed and cause said lands and tenaments to be duly appraised according to ...by the...of William H. Henry, John Helday?, and James Crommsky?, Sr., three respectable and disinterested freeholders?, residents within said county who returned to the said sheriff that they estimated the value, in money, of said lands and [end of page]

Jefferson Co., OH, Deeds
Liber "M2", Page 388

...upon actual view of the premises at thirty-five hundred dollars a copy of said appraisal was duly filed in the clerk's office of said Jefferson County on the __ day of April A. D. 1865, and after having caused said lands and tenaments to be duly advertised, according to Law, in the Steubenville Herald, a newspaper printed and published in the City of Steubenville, in said County, for at least thirty days previous to the day of sale; the said Sheriff did on the 12th day of May 1865 in pursuance of said notice proceed to offer said lands and tenements for sale at the door of the Courthouse in said City of Steubenville at the hour of one o'clock p.m. of said day at which...place came Stephen Tipton and Ephraim Tipton who bid for the said premises in the sum of Twenty Six Hundred and Ten Dollars that being the highest and best bid for said premises and they being the highest and best bidders therefore, and the above amount being more than two thirds of the appraised value, the same men then and ...publicly sold and struck off to the said Stephen Tipton and Ephraim Tipton at and for the sum of Twenty Six Hundred and Ten Dollars and the said Sheriff having made report of his said proceedings to the said Court of Common Pleas at their term of June A.D. 1865, and the said Court having carefully examined the proceedings of said Sheriff were satisfied that the same were in all respects according to -- and did confer in said sale, and order that the said Sheriff should execute and deliver to the said Stephen Tipton and Ephraim Tipton a good and sufficient deed of conveyance of the premises so by them purchased as aforesaid.
...judge ...that I George McCullough, Sheriff of said Jefferson County ....in consideration of the premises and in consideration of the ...me...as Sheriff as aforesaid do hereby give, grant, Bargain and....unto them the said Stephen Tipton and Ephraim Tipton and then...all the right, title and interest of the said Jacob Adrain executor of Joseph Adrain, deceased, Rachel A. Adrain, Nitteria? Adrain, George W. Adrain, William M. Adrain, David Adrain, Lucinda Adrain, Robert C. Adrain, Louisa Adrain, Jacob Adrain and Lucy W. Adrain in and to the premises above described.
To have and to hold...Stephen Tipton and Ephraim Tipton their heirs and assignees...fit forever in fee simple....the said George McCullough, sheriff as aforesaid, do hereunto set my hand and seal of office at the Court House in the said City of Steubenville, this 21st day of June in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Five. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of (stamp) George McCullough.

Wayne Township, Jefferson Co., Ohio, Maps here.
In the 1850 census, many of the people named in the documents lived either in the same household or next door to one another:

1850 OH Jefferson Co., Wayne Twp.
Adrain, Joseph, 43, farmer, b. MD
", Serena, 45, b. VA
", Joseph, 20, b. OH, carpenter
", Kitty Ann, 18, OH
", George, 16, OH
", William, 14, OH
", David, 12, OH
", Lucinda, 10, OH
", Bazil, 8, OH
", Robert, 7, OH
", Louisa, 5, OH
Next Door:
Tipton, Luke, 59, farmer, MD
", Lucretia, 55, b. MD
", Carroll (male), 26, b. OH*
", Amon, 22, OH
", Nancy, 19, OH
", Ephraim, 18, OH
", Stephen, 16, OH
", Emily A., 11, OH
", Elizabeth, 8, OH

Joseph Adrain in COLE Document p. 57, Person #6-8; his brother Jacob was #6-7.

*Carroll Tipton, son of Luke, grandson of James Tipton who was born in Scotland. James Tipton served under Gen Nathaniel Greene and married Rebecca. Luke was in the War of 1812 under Col. Gladden and married Lucretia Cole, daughter of Samuel & Sarah (Hale) Cole.

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