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Land Given To Rescued Captive Rachel Hall By The State of Illinois

The State of Illinois, as voted by the Legislature, gave the following piece of property to Rachel (Hall) Munson and her husband, William, for the sacrifices made by Rachel when she and her sister, Sylvia, were taken captive during the Blackhawk War.

This blog entry is as a complement to my blogs posts in "Relatively Fiction," Twilight of Empire posts (Part Two is specifically about the captured girls).

Transcription (from I & M Canal Document Package, Illinois Secretary of State) see the link to view the actual document:

State of Illinois,
County of Putnam, ss. I, Hooper Warren, Clerk of the County Commis-
sioners Court of said County, do hereby certify, that William Munson
and Rachael Hall, were, on the seventh day of March, 1833, lawfully
joined in Marriage, in said county, as appears to me of record in my office.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and
affixid the seal of said court, at Hennepin, this
13th day of May, 1834.
H. Warren. Ottawa Illinois. May 14th 1834
His excellency, The Governor of the state
of Illinois.
Sir. By an act of the Legislature
Rachel Hall One of the two Young ladies ^ was
captured by the Hostile Indians is entitled to a
donation of 80 Acres of land to be selected out
Of any of the canal ^ &c. Which selection has
been made and Ihereby make application for
a deed to 40 Acres. On the south half of the East
half of the South East quarter of Section No. 13
In township No. 33 N. Range No. 4 East of the
third principal Meridian. and 40 acres On the
West part of the North fractional half of Section
No. 19. Township No. 33 N. Range No. 5 East for
the Benefit of William Munson and Rachel Munson
late Rachel Hall
William Munson
Rachael Munson
The Auditor and Secty. of State
will make out a Patent in
the above case
24 June 1834 John Reynolds
Forward the Patent Gov.
to Ottawa–
Transcription can also be seen here.

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