Friday, October 30, 2009

Granny's Genealogy Led Me To RFK's Investigation Of Jimmy Hoffa

Pam at Granny's Genealogy and her Land Records series was a tremendous help. Each part of the 5 part series was informative. The searchable subdivision maps for each Michigan county was really a find for me. My childhood home was on Worchester Drive in Winchester Village in Swartz Creek, Genesee County, Michigan, and I found it on the subdivision maps!

There's been a thought in the back of my mind that the Teamster's Union was somehow involved in developing Winchester Village (which was formerly part of Governor Henry Howland Crapo's farm in Gaines Township). Some of the Winchester Village documents were signed by Frank Fitzsimmons...the Teamster!* In the excerpt below, ROBERT F. KENNEDY as part of the Select Committee questioned union officials about little ole Winchester Village.!

I found the name of the land company to be The North American Development Company and the Winshall Corporation, but apparently it was also known as the Winchester Village Land Co.

This site, "Investigation of improper activities in the labor or management field. Hearings before the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field," included the following excerpt:

121. Escrow agreement dated October 12, 1955, between Win- chester Village Land Co. and Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund of the City of Detroit 14711 (*)
122. Letter dated November 11, 1955 addressed to Abstract & Title Guaranty Co. Re: Escrow agreement governing the disbursement of the proceeds of Mortgage Loan on Winchester Village, signed by George S. Fitzgerald 14713 14903 122 A. Letter dated December 9, 195*5, addressed to Abstract & Title Guaranty Co., re Winchester Village Land Co., signed by George S. Fitzgerald 14713 14904 123. Letter dated March 19, 1956, addressed to Jack I. Winshall and signed by Norman J. Monnig 14722 14905 124. Document "Offer to Purchase Real Estate" Northerly 10 acres of the Northeast % Section 3, T6N, R5E. Gaines Township, Genesee County, Mich 14722 (*)
Mr. Kennedy [ROBERT KENNEDY, as specialcounsel, was designated as the interrogator even though JFK was on the Committee].  Who are the other individuals ? Mr. Henson. Abe Green and John Babcock were representatives of the company known as Winchester Village Land Co. There was also present the trustees of the welfare fund, Frank Fitzsimmons*, Robert Holmes, Howard Minnich, and Chester Dady.  
Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Hoffa, you are familiar with the loan that was made to the Winchester Village? Mr. Hoffa. Yes.

Robert Kennedy vs Jimmy Hoffa on YouTube here.
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GrannyPam said...

Thanks for the link! I love the subdivision maps, too. I had no idea something like that was available until I stumbled across it one day. I am also going to enjoy following your writing and great photos on your travel blog. Maybe we will join you on the road in a few years!

Palmsrv said...

Hi GrannyPam,

My husband Jim is totally in charge of the travel blog and the photos. This summer he was an "award winning" photographer -- he entered a photo he took near Lafayette, IN, and won a Purdue/Lafayette blanket and thermos for his efforts. Hopefully your land records series will encourage others to dive into the land records. I was late to that party (approx 15 years after I started researching) but they are some of my favorite records to use for research now.