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Why Was The John Steele & Thomas Clubs Land Grant Certificate In My Grandmother's Papers?

Land Grant #21842, issued to John Steele and Thomas Clubs, both of Monroe County, New York, on August 7, 1837, was found at this site. The legal description of the property (80 acres) found in that land grant was:

E½SE 12/ 6-N 10-E No Michigan-Toledo Strip MI Lapeer

An original version of this online document was found among my grandmother's family papers several years ago (copy of document found in family papers below):

Eliza P. Steele sold the land (E 1/2 of the SE 1/4 of Section 12, 6-N 10-E) to my ancestor, James More, in Lapeer County on 12 May 1865, per the document below:

How was Eliza Steele related to John Steele? Wife? Daughter? Niece? No relation at all? She may have been his niece, based upon this information below:

Early Lapeer Probate
Lapeer Legacy
Volume 18, Issue 3

William Steele (Spring 1851)
Date of Record: 1861
No Will
Family/Heirs: Eliza P. Steele, daughter, believes her father, William Steele, to be dead as she has not heard from him since 1851. The only surviving child is John H. Steele, 18 yea r old son on 15 Jany 1861, residing Enfield, CN [CT?]
Other names: Harry F. Perkins & Wm Lambertson....

Thomas Clubs, the co-grantee of the property per Certificate #21842, Quit Claimed the property to Mrs. Cynthia Thompson, per Lapeer Co., MI, Deed "M-712" in 1856 :

Lapeer County, Michigan, DEEDS
Liber "M", Page# 712
Recorded: 8 October 1856
Thomas Clubs, of Rochester, Monroe county, New York
Quit Claim Deed to
Cynthia M. Thompson of Pine Plains, Dutchess county, New York
E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 12 in Twp. #6 North of Range 10 East in County of Lapeer, State o f Michigan
80 Acres
Reference to Certificate #21842 of letter patented from U.S.
Granted: 7 August 1837 to John Steele and said Thomas Clubs
Recorded Volume 44, Page 282 for description [National Archives?]
P.M. Crandall, Commisssioner of Deeds

James More, my great-great grandfather, was sold the Steele/Clubs property by Eliza Steele. Was it a coincidence that the father of James More's mother-in-law, John Backus, lived in the same distant town (Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., NY) as did Mrs. Cynthia Thompson to whom Thomas Clubs quit claimed his right to the same property? Or is there some as yet undetermined relationship there? John Backus also had a daughter named Cynthia, but she apparently married a Mr. Richardson and moved to Michigan.

A Thomas Clubbs was found on the 1850 census, Rochester, Monroe Co., New York:

Clubbs, Thos, 46, mason, b. Scotland
", Sarah, 26, b. England
", Sarah, 8, b. NY [This one? Mrs. George Morley of MI?]
", Alexander, 6, b. NY [d. Escambia Co., FL]
", Mary, 4, b. NY

Land Grant #21843, dated August 7, 1837, was also listed and issued to John Steele of Monroe County, New York. The legal description noted below (160 acres):

SE 13/ 6-N 10-E No Michigan-Toledo Strip MI Lapeer

Land Grant #21844 was issued to William Steele of Detroit (was he John Steele's brother?). Grants #21842, #21843 and #21844 were all issued on the same date in Detroit, Michigan.

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