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Soules of Onondaga Co., NY, Sold Land In Lapeer Co., MI

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) General Land Office (GLO) records for the property sold (E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 17 Twn 6 Range 9) in the below listed deed indicated that the property was granted to Henry Hamblin of Ontario Co., NY, on 7/9/1839. The property appeared to be divested from the estate(s) of Ephraim* (d. 24 Oct 1856) & Abigail (Kinne) (d. 4 March 1856) Soule of Onondaga Co., New York, to their children.

Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds
Liber "R", Page 300
Recorded: 9 November 1860
Oscar Soule, Emina Wright, et al, of Onondaga Co., NY
Edmund Green of Detroit, Wayne, MI

Oscar & (Mary) Agnes Soule, Adelbert Soule, W. Irving Soule,
Emina Wright of Syracuse, Onondaga, NY..
(Hadley land)
E 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Section 17 Twn 6 Range 9 (north of east?)
Witnesses: E. Wright & R. H. Nicholas

In 1850 the parents were still living:

1850 NY Census, Onondaga Co., Clay
Soule, Ephraim, 46, salt manufacturer, b. NY
", Abigail, 46, b. NY
", Moses K, 24
", William W., 22, pill maker
", Oscar, 16, farming
"Ermina, 17
", Adelburt, 13
", Irving W., 11
Hanrahan, Catherine, 19, b. Ireland

In 1860, both parents were dead:

1860 NY Onondaga Co., Salina
Soule, Adelburt, 24, salt manufacturer, $13,000, b. NY
", Oscar H., 26, salt manufacturer, $13,000, b. NY
", Agnes, 26, b. Buenos Aires
", Lizzie, 2, b.NY
", W. Irving, 21, salt manufacturer, NY
Clary, Mary, servant, 20, b. Ireland

The Lapeer County, MI, property was sold on 9 November 1860.

The Last Will & Testament (Probate Document dated 7 Sept 1862) of W. Irving Soule is online here. The petitioner is Oscar (T or F) Soule. Brother Adelbert N. Soule is listed as are nieces, Lutie Wright and Lizzie Soule. Also nephew Frankie Soule is listed. Others mentioned are friend, Callie Matthews of Syracuse, William Wright, son of friend Dr. Elson Wright of Syracuse. Oscar Soule and Elsah L. Wright were appointed as executors.

Ermina (Soule) Wright and family in the 1880 Census:
1880 NY Census 3rd Ward, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Alonzo WRIGHT Self M Male W 54 NY Patent Medicine NY NY
Ermina WRIGHT Wife M Female W 48 NY NY
Lutie WRIGHT Dau S Female W 23 NY NY NY
Harriet BURGAHRDT Other S Female B 33 MA Servant MA MA

The Alonzo Wright family was in Pasadena, California by 1900. Ermina died sometime between 1900 and 1910; Alonzo died after 1920. Daughter Lutie was a widow with a son, Irving Benton, living with her and her parents in 1900.

Oscar Soule and family in 1880:
1880 NY Census 5th Ward, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Oscar F. SOULE Self M W 46 NY Canner Of Fruit & Vegetables NY NY
Sarah SOULE Wife M W 39 NY Keeps House NY CT
Lizzie V. SOULE Dau S W 21 LA At Home NY NY [Mrs. Charles Hanchett)
Frank C. SOULE Son S W 19 NY Clerk Agricultural Works NY NY
Agnes M. SOULE Dau S W 17 NY At Home NY NY
Mary STEVENS Other S W 19 NY Domestic US US

1900 NY Census
Soule, Oscar, Aug 1834, 65, m (43 X'd out) 31, NY, manf. food prod.
", Sarah, wife, Nov 1841, m31, 0children/0living
Swart Soule, Nettie, grandniece, b. June 1881, 19, b. MI

Oscar Soule's first wife, Mary Agnes (Laurence) died 1867. He married 2nd Miss Sarah Bradley in 1868. His surviving children were Frank C. Soule and Mrs. Charles G. Hanchett. A grandniece, Miss Nettie Swart, was with Mr. Soule and his wife when he died in California. He was also survived by a brother, Albert, of Kansas, and a sister, Mrs. A.N. Wright, of Pasadena, California. Four grandchildren also survive him: Oscar F. Soule, Oscar Soule Hanchett, Miss Agnes Laurence Hanchett and Robert G. Soule. [Obituary of Oscar Soule (1834 - 1902) in the Syracuse NY Daily Journal here]

He was the Oscar Soule of the Merrell-Soule Company mentioned here and here. This article mentioned the demise of the salt industry (the occupation listed in the 1850 census for members of the Soule family) in Syracuse and also the Merrell-Soule company.

Oscar Frank Soule, connected to the Merrell-Soule Company, married Dorothy Bigelow and was the father of Frank Canning Soule, according to this bio.

As reported by the Oswego Palladium newspaper, the Last Will & Testament of Frank C. Soule, who died 14 March 1942, at his home in Florida, a retired food manufacturer, was dated 12 January 1939, and included the following:

Letters of Testamentary to Oscar F. Soule, son; another son, Robert G. Soule, renounced right to letters.

Frank C. Soule, 2nd, grandson, of Montclair, NJ
Dorothy B. Soule Milner, granddaughter, of Great Neck, L.I., NY
Hendrick Soule, grandson, Syracuse, NY
Robert G. Soule, Jr., grandson, Fayetteville, NY
Grace G. Soule Moylan, granddaughter, Syracuse
Agnes Hanchett Hubbell, niece, of New York City, NY
Bequeathed an oil painting of his father, Oscar F. Soule, to son Oscar F. Soule, of Syracuse, NY

Frank C. Soule married Grace Gere, according to genealogy information here.

*Ephraim Soule was the son of Lattan & Lydia (Leech) Soule and the brother of the Hon. Nathan Soule (see family information here). The family appears to be descended from George Soule, a Mayflower passenger. Ephraim Soule was also the owner of the Oriental Sovereign Balm Company.

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