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Slaves In Franklin Co., TN, Deed Books

Finding records of slaves being sold in deed books is disconcerting to say the least. The names and descriptions of those unfortunate souls are posted in case it can help one of their descendants with their own genealogical research.

Franklin Co., TN, Deeds
Liber "U", Page 246
--Nov 1849
We...(Sarah Acklin & _ D. Pattie)
Osmun C. Tiffany, Ellis B. Long & William W. Byrum [partners in trade as Tiffany, Long & Byrum]
A certain negro "Wesley" ca 20 years old
" girl, Paralee ca 11 or 13 yrs old the Marshal of Middle Tennessee and now in the jail of Davidson Co., TN
Signed: Sarah Acklin & _ D. Pattie
Witnesses: James Gillian, Joseph B. Acklin
...bill of sale...

Liber "U", Page 250
Sarah Acklin convey(s) to Tiffany, Long, Byrom...Wesley & Paralee
14 Nov 1849
Signed: Sarah Acklin
[Same information as a U-246]

Liber "U", Page 250
2 Oct 1849
Rec'd of George Moseby
$650. for Negro woman Mary aged ca 28 years and her child Ruth, age ?
Wm M. Woods

Liber "N", Page 66 [Lots of Debts]
7 Oct 1832
Alexander Acklin
Robert Sharp
Elk River 200 acres same land purchased by said Acklin of Abner Hueson?
Also a Negro man named Till? Fill? Hill? of a yellow complexion ca age 40 and also a negro woman named Peggy; Fills(?) wife a Negro woman named Rose of a dark complexion age ca 37
Also 3 mares...plows...wagon..etc and my interest in Sir Solomon, a stallion I purchased of Kindred H. Muse...
In trust nevertheless that whereas said Acklin is justly indebted to the late firm of BL PS Deckerd in the sum of $121.50 due by noted dated 1 March 1832 & payable one day after date and said Acklin is also indebted..Benj Deckerd.. $540.
also indebted to P.S. Deckerd $600
due and payable January 1832
...Acklen & John Upton...Sir Solomon...
...BL & PS Deckerd have hereto purchased of Arthur A. Lee a title bond on said Acklin...for land in dispute...
Witnesses: Christopher Acklin, Iona Deckerd, William L. Copp
Signed: Alexander L. Acklin & Robert Sharp

Liber "W", Page 200
17 Oct 1854
Joseph B. Acklin
To James H. Davis
Negroes...married woman Pelina, age about 23 yrs old and her 5 [I checked and rechecked and only found 4, unless Bill & William are two different people] children, Corilla, age 7; Harriet, age 4; William or Bill, age 2; Frank age 6 months.

Here is a link to the Franklin Co., TN, GenWeb page that has similar extracts for people of color.

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