Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maryland Deeds Online

"A Digital Image Retrieval System For Land Records in Maryland" can be found here. After I completed a free sign-up and a password was sent to me, I selected a county from the left side of the "Home" page to narrow the search.

Since I have research to conduct In Allegany County, I selected that county and found that I could search land record indices from the year 1791 - 1983. Once I searched the Index by surname - "McA - McG" for McFadyen - then had to click on the "next page" link until I found the proper page (the .pdf file page was numbered "6" and had McF - mcgk at the top). According to that page, the McFadden/McFadyen surnames were found on page #161 on the Index. The good news is that there's a "jump to index page" box in which to insert the appropriate number (in this case #161).

Among other items, I found this deed itemized in the index:
McFadden, Eliza A. & James To Joseph Porter
Liber "44", Page 591

To find the actual text of the deed(s) in .pdf file form, go to the "jump to land records" box at the top right of the page; "44" in the "book" box and "591" in the page box. After that step is completed, I clicked the "44" link in the Circuit Court Land Records (not mortgage in this case) and page "591" was retrieved in .pdf form.

The property referenced in 44-591 was described as"Ethiopia and the Isles;" that description was also found here and here.


Anonymous said...

I am doing family research on my great grandfather who built his own house in "Ethiopia of the Isles" Allegeny Co. Maryland back in the 1800s. I have never been there but am trying to research him so I can go to his old stomping grounds. Can you help?

PalmsRV said...

Still learning about the area myself, Anon.