Sunday, September 28, 2008

William Roark To Dr. Alexander Posey

Gallatin County, Illinois, Deed
25 May 1833
Liber "C", Page 362
William Roark of Gallatin Co., Illinois, of the first part
Alexander Posey of Gallatin Co., Illinois of the second part

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...Consideration of sum of two also for medical services by A. Posey of second part to my wife Charlott....being in value twenty-eight dollars receipt already acknowledged...a parcel of ground containing one quarter of an plat of Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois, ...Lot Number 487...granted to said William Roark by patent from the United States bearing date of the 10th of November 1830.....
Signed: William Roark

---William Roark's wife was named Elizabeth in Kentucky deed(s); was Charlott a 2nd wife, or was his wife named Charlott Elizabeth? There were other William Roarks (son, grandson, etc) but "Old" William (b. 1760) seems to fit this deed. Charlott did not sign this deed granted to Dr. Posey, so I'm assuming that she died and the deed was the final payment for a somewhat lengthy medical treatment by Dr. Posey.

More about Shawneetown and land entries here. Additional information about land in Illinois can be found here.

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