Monday, May 30, 2016

Wait J. Squier To George W. Squier In 1854

Plaque In Vermontville, Eaton County, Michigan
Wait J. Squier Was a Founder

Land Records Index for Deeds at the Eaton County Courthouse
Book 2 Grantees to Grantors

An example (one of many) with the Squier family:

Year        Grantee           Grantor       Liber/Page
1854 Squier George W. Squier Wait J. 16-412

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Stone To Backus

Clinton, New York, Land Records:

Stone  to Backus 
92-431 [Image 247]
29 September 1894
Minnie Stone, of Ellensburgh, Clinton, New York
Charles W. Backus of Same Place

Ellenburg..., Clinton, New York
Charles W Backus Head M 41 New York
Helena Backus Wife  F 41 New York
Mary E Backus Daughter F 4 New York
Oscar Backus Son M 1 New York
Gertrude Bradshaw Servant F 22 New York
Richard Riley Servant M 20 New York

Charles was the son of Dewitt Backus.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

More Hickey Deeds In Branch County

My Garden (A Few Miles From Coldwater)

Branch County, Michigan
6 April 1892
Darah Hickey
Minnie Hickey of Coldwater
Lot 326

Branch County, Michigan
10 November 1892
Lora Hickey
Newman Cole
Lot 326

Branch County, Michigan, Deeds
1 February 1893
Anthony and Harriet Brown? of Coldwater
Ruth Hickey
Lot 341

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lorenzo D. Hickey Deed

Branch County, Michigan, Deeds
27 May 1891
Henrietta L. Ford
Lorenzo D. Hickey

...a part of 1 1/2 rods west....of the northwest corner of School Lot #20, section 16, Town 6, South of Range 6 West...Branch County....

Witnesses: Garber? A. Nichols, N.P. and George B. Ford

Page image

Lorenzo D. Hickey was named after his father, who was the subject of this post.